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Watch Out for Willpower

You heard it, New Year, New You…

You set new year’s resolutions and hope once that ball drops, BAM!

everything changes to perfect nutrition, exercise routine and oh yeah, all the energy and willpower to get you to do all those things!

By no means am I poo pooing your positive attitude wanting something better for yourself. Girl, that’s what I preach. The thing is you are banking everything, and I mean everything on your willpower.

Willpower is important, but what most don’t know about willpower it’s temporary. Remember when you went to the gym on January 1 fighting to get on a machine because every one of them was taken? Now think again when you were in the gym at the end of February and you had the entire gym to yourself? Yes, that willpower my friends. Most of the gym goers lost their willpower.

Disclaimer: I’m not a willpower hater. I LOVE willpower because it gets you thinking how you want a better healthier YOU where you feel 10 years younger. However, willpower likes to leave you high and dry when you’re not feeling all the feels and all you want to do is lay on the couch and eat refined sugar.

It’s necessary to get your ass moving, but temporary and goes soft on you when you’re tired.

What’s missing is the attitude, mindset and grit that is going to get you past February, March, to the end of December with a “New Year, New YOU!” literally!

It’s all about taking those SMALL steps making MINI goals to get you to the BIG giant goal you want for yourself.

Whether you journal out your path of mini goals per week or month yourself or work with a Health Coach or Fitness Trainer like me to support you as we find your strengths, building on each and every one of them so you reach ALL of those goals.

Whatever you choose, be sure to greet willpower at the door of the new year AND quickly grab a hold of MINDSET, ATTITUDE & GRIT by the hand, so together you all can take small steps towards your goals together.

Wishing you a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!

XO Sherri


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