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Achieving health and fitness goals for the New Year!

Have you ever made that New Year's resolution to get fit and healthy in the upcoming new year? Sure, we all have. What normally happens is you start off with this amazing motivation and plow full steam ahead to the gym. After two weeks, that motivation has dwindled into "Well if I have time after I do this or that I will get my workout in." Trust me I know how that works since I was guilty of that excuse for years!!

What happened is that I set an unattainable goal for myself to start with. What I should of done was set small goals. For example, I should of made a goal to start working out at least twice a week instead of me thinking "I am going to workout everyday and nobody is going to stop me!" That goal of working out everyday wasn't realistic for me. By setting a goal to work out at least twice a week at first, kept me still motivated and proud of myself that I was doing what I set out to do.

Another way to keep with your goals is to reward yourself after you achieved what you set out to do. No, not with food silly! Reward yourself with something small like a new workout tank or some new sunglass if you are an outdoor runner.

Remember, no matter how small the health and fitness goal you may have, what is key is that you stay positive, motivated and most important BE PROUD of yourself that your making small steps to a healthier you!


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