Why Pre/Postnatal Exercise is important.

You're pregnant which is an amazing experience, but along with the amazing is feeling tired and sluggish. The last thing you want to do is exercise. I get it, been there, felt that too. However, there are amazing benefits to exercising while pregnant, which continues how your body bounces back post pregnancy. Let's break things down.

Prenatal exercise is so important for you and your child's health because it allows you to adapt to all the amazing changes happening in your body. For instance, postural changes that happen in response to the growing belly can alter your sense of balance. This redistribution of body weight puts strain on joints and lower back, making them ache.

By exercising the correct muscles, you can strengthen your body during pregnancy and help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms.

Strengthening the muscles that support the baby during all three trimesters can even make for an easier labor.

If you take care of yourself during pregnancy, you will experience less cellulite, loose skin and few stretch marks postpartum.

What woman wouldn't want that, right?

Fast forward to Post Pregnancy exercise...

Postnatal exercise is just as important as prenatal exercise. However, you are probably wondering... "How do I lose the 15-35 lbs that was gained during the past 9 months?"..and "How can I get rid of the loose muscles, stretch marks, extra fat and cellulite that were not on my thighs prior to getting pregnant?"

The good news is by exercising while you were pregnant, helps acclimate easier postnatal workouts. Another beautiful thing is that the first 4-6 weeks postpartum a woman quickly loses about 15-20 lbs due to the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta etc.. Yay!!

Starting or continuing on with a postpartum exercise plan will help new moms get their pelvic floor and transverse abdominis back into shape, therefore get rid of that mom "pooch" and achieve a flat stomach.

Icing on the cake...research states that there is a connection between stress-relieving postpartum exercises and a reduction in postpartum depression.*

The benefits of exercising while pregnant continues into post pregnancy, making the transition smoother on how you move and feel. Remember, you don't have to jump into workouts fast and intense. Small steps in exercising both before and after is important with an ever changing body. As always consult your doctor prior for exercise recommendations.

*Infomation gathered from Lindsay Brin, MIF Moms Into Fitness

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