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Chicken Pumpkin Curry w/ Sweet Potatoes, Apples & Spinach




2lbs of Chicken thighs


1 Sweet onion, chopped


2 Gala apples, seeded and chopped


2 Sweet potatoes, medium size


1/4 cup Cane sugar


1-1/2 Tbs Curry powder


2 tsp. Sea salt


1 tsp Cumin


1 tsp Cinnamon


1 tsp Turmeric


1/2 tsp Corriander


1 tsp Ginger, freshly grated ginger root, peeled first


15 oz. Coconut milk, unsweetened


1/2 cup Pumpkin puree


6 cups spinach






Place chicken thighs at the bottom of slow-cooker with chopped onions, apples and sweet potatoes. 


In a medium sized mixing bowl combine cane sugar with spices, whisk until everything is combined. Add in the coconut milk and pumkin puree and whisk together until everything is smooth. Pour sauce over chicken mixture in slow-cooker and stir that the chicken is fully coated.


Cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours. Add spinach in during the last 30 minutes of cooking.


Serve over a bed of rice, quinoa or steamed vegetables.

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