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KickSpark Fitness, Whole Body Wellness™ aims to provide women with a holistic approach to health. We specialize in Functional Nutrition, Functional Fitness, and Peri-Postmenopause to help women lose menopausal weight, balance hormones, and gain confidence without resorting to fad diets or hardcore workouts.


Together, we can break down the social stigma surrounding women over 40 by educating ourselves and other women on how to be mentally and physically strong.


At KickSpark Fitness, our mission is to help women balance their hormones so they can alleviate menopausal annoyances of hot flashes, weight gain and sleep disturbances with lifestyle habits.

Sherri Sherock


Hair Testing
KickSpark Sync Your Movement Program
KickSpark MenoWarrior Method Menopaus

Using Hair Mineral Analysis testing, Science backed Supplementation and personalized nutrition protocols, we can address the hormonal imbalances that are causing the weight gain.

Strategically syncing your fitness with your cycle or moon phase is a way to respect your body throughout the month AND reap the benefits of real results, and healthy balanced hormones.

The MenoWarrior Method™ is a 90 day program where you will be EMPOWERED to Lose the Menoapusal Weight, Balance Hormones & Gain your Confidence again.

Hair Mineral

Sync Your Movement™

The MenoWarrior Method™

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Sherri Sherock Podcast Guest
Sherri Sherock Podcast Guest


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Podcast interview-Woman on Fire: A passionate talk with certified menopause coach, Sherri Sherock

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