You waited long enough...
This is YOUR time to reclaim your life and empower yourself to a stronger healthier you!
Restore your energy and renew your mind & body.


You are Courageous, Brave, & Badass.

This is your Rebirth where you go on your own path, breaking down the walls you've been building all these years pretending to be someone else that "social norms" told you to be. 


Accepting yourself, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, being gentle with yourself, and telling the rest of the world to f$#k off because this is YOU like it or not…


KickSpark Fitness is about breaking down the social stigma of Women 40+ by educating women like you how to be sexy STRONG mentally + physically and still be KIND to yourself, learning to love all the imperfections that makes you YOU!


You are not getting older my dear,

you're just getting started.

XOXO Sherri Sherock

CEO, Woman-In-Charge

KickSpark Fitness, LLC