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What We Do


Ugi Cardio Strength Class
Beginning June 14th


Women’s health… it’s like a secret topic that most don’t want to talk about. Female bodies changing from pregnancy and postnatal, to experiencing perimenopausal and post-menopausal symptoms. Many women go through most of their adult life not knowing about their own body and most are embarrassed to ask.

*In a recent survey:


42% of women wished they had a better understanding of what the different organs in the reproductive system do.


57% of women admitted they don’t know as much about women’s anatomy as they should.


38% wished they knew more about perimenopause and menopause. Women seem confused by menopause. 1 in 10 women thought menopause simply meant a woman

had entered her 40s and 13% thought it was a woman skipping a menstrual cycle.

These are a few statistics that everyday women are shouting out on what they wanted to know more about. You have the power to take charge and make your health and wellness your top priority.

My goal is to change the perception of the stigma women face as they approach age 40 and beyond. It has been an accepted social norm that women age 40+ lack femininity, attractiveness, and are no longer active & strong as women half our age.

We are here to not to prove them otherwise, but here to prove to yourself that YOU are strong, beautiful and YOU deserve to be the best version of YOU!

As we work together on YOU…

You will learn about:


How to eat well for hormonal balance.


Brain Health

Heart Health

Bone Health


Menopausal truths & myths

Control hot flashes

Sleep disturbances

Weight gain in the midsection


Pregnancy Exercise & Nutrition

Post Pregnancy Exercise & Nutrition

Pre & Post Pregnancy Core workouts

Getting your body back post pregnancy

As a woman, mom, daughter and a sister, together we can create a health coaching & fitness plan that works for YOU because your very best is yet to come!


*Survey done by Intimina 2020