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KickSpark Fitness Hair Mineral Testing


Are you feeling tired, can't lose weight, or know something is off and not sure why?

You may want to consider Hair Mineral Analysis to find your answers. 

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing is functional lab test that uses a small amount of hair to evaluate the hair's mineral and heavy metal content. BUT that’s not the only thing it will reveal. 

HMA can give us insight into our:
• Digestion
• Blood sugar balance
• Levels of toxic heavy metals
• Inflammation
• Thyroid function AND…


During the menopausal phase, our adrenal glands must produce sufficient levels of estrogen and progesterone to prevent the onset of menopausal symptoms. However, in many women, the adrenal glands become depleted due to stress and hormone imbalances.


When the ovaries stop producing hormones, the adrenal glands are unable to produce enough hormones, leading to the manifestation of menopausal symptoms. In addition to physical symptoms, women may also experience emotional symptoms such as depression and crying due to adrenal insufficiency.


Improving the activity of the adrenal glands is crucial in resolving menopausal symptoms, and hair mineral testing can aid in this process.

The test also gives a “metabolic blueprint" of how the body is responding to stress. Stress depletes minerals from the body, most notably magnesium and zinc.

Our Food and Soils are depleted of minerals. Hybrid crops, superphosphate fertilizers, refined foods, pesticides, food additives and more, all contribute to depleted mineral levels. 

Unhealthy lifestyles where not getting enough sleep, don't exercise enough (or too much) can affect mineral levels. 

BONUS!!! Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing is noninvasive and the information gives roughly 3-4 months' worth of cumulative data about what the body is being exposed to and eliminating. Unlike blood or urine testing where results of your health at that one point in time when the labs were taken. 

Are you feeling off, but not sure what’s going on? 

To purchase the Hair Mineral Analysis Kit, simply click on the provided link. Once the kit is sent to you with detailed instructions, you will need to follow them carefully and send the kit with your hair sample for analysis. After the results are in, we will schedule a 30-minute consultation to review the test results and provide you with recommendations based on your individual mineral analysis. The report will provide valuable insights into your metabolic rate, mineral imbalances, food recommendations, and supplements that can help support your health. 

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