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Ugi® Fit Sessions

Ugi® is so much more than just a workout, it's a philosophy for living.


Join us and be empowered to grow & transform in physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

Ugi® Fit is an efficient, results oriented, 30-minute total body session that combines strength, core and cardio training into a fun way of becoming functionally fit. Improve posture, balance & flexibility by training the muscles in your pelvic, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together. Exercises are functional in nature, utilizing your full range of motion, and designed to improve life’s daily activities.

Ugi® The Quickest Way to Fit

$7 per Ugi® Fit session



Sessions are all live & virtual, so you can Ugi® at home, on the beach, the park or even at the office for a quick 30 minutes. All U need is a yoga mat, a Ugi® ball and U! Sessions are barefoot and modifiable for all fitness levels. Water & towel recommended.

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January 2023 Schedule

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Ugi® ball

A modern twist on the old-school medicine ball. The Ugi ball is weighted, squishy and beautiful. Filled with an exclusive polyester fiberfill and recycled rubber that gives a unique “squish-ability,” adding challenge, strength, and balance to each exercise. The shape will conform to U! You can kneel, sit, stand, and plank on it.

Balls come in 6, 8, 10 & 12lb options.

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