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Welcome to KickSpark Whole Body Wellness Essential Oil Support!

Ever since my son's autism diagnosis 16 years ago, I have always looked for holistic ways to treat colds, upset stomachs or sore throats among other things in a holistic approach. Always looking for ways to heal the body, instead of adding toxic chemicals which would cause more problems. There were times I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to make it myself. Below are my go-to items I always use and thought I would share them with you, so you can also take your health and wellness to the next level.

I call this the Goddess Collection, inspired by five Greek Goddess sisters where each had a healing gift. I felt using the names Iaso (Goddess of Recuperation from illness), Panacea (Goddess of Universal Remedy), Hygieia (Goddess of Health), and Aceso (Goddess of The Healing Process) was not only appropriate for healing, but also the fact they were women healers. Us ladies have to stick together... 

These remedies are created with organic essential oils and made with love to support your wellness with cold and flu symptoms, headaches, fatigue and digestion discomfort in a more holistic approach. Wishing you a speeding recovery and hope you use these remedies often. XO -Sherri

Shop our Goddess Collection for products made with all organic essential oils.