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MenoWarrior - Nourish Program

Platinum Package

Do you accept weight gain as normal for women over 40? 
It’s not normal… it’s your body telling you there is an imbalance.

Do you feel like this is holding you back from living the best years to come?


This program will help you gain clarity on what to do next and give you the blueprint on what is going on inside your body.


Our NOURISH Program entails working with women like YOU exploring the root cause of your menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, brain fog, hot flashes and more. This group functional nutrition coaching program educates how food during midlife can alleviate symptoms caused by hormone imbalance by providing your body with the nourishment it needs.

By learning
HOW your body works, you can give your body WHAT it what it needs to help you feel like yourself again.


MenoWarrior – NOURISH Program will shift your mindset and Empower YOU to live your BEST life to come!


This program will:

  • Reduce menopausal symptoms

  • Provide nutrition education for women over 40

  • Increase your energy

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Help lose weight

  • Increase your confidence

  • Reduce body inflammation

  • Provide support & accountability

  • Make you feel like yourself again


MenoWarrior – NOURISH group program is a virtual live women's holistinutrition program for women over 40. 


MenoWarrior - NOURISH - Platinum Package 

12-week group program includes:

  • Full access to Wicked Strong- Self-paced Woman Online Wellness Program


  • (12) 1X week nutrition group coaching – 60 minutes

  • Access to the DUTCH Hormone Test - to see what is going on in there!

  • (1) Personalized (30) Minute 1:1 coaching session to review DUTCH test results

  • Each week, you’ll be supported by implementing the recommendations of Dutch test results and moon phases, while staying in tune with your body through our daily themes and live support in the social accountability group... AND much more!


Your hormones control everything, including weight, mood, energy, anxiety, motivation, and much more. Learning exactly which hormones need support is crucial to feeling better and ultimately seeing results.

The DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) is a functional-medicine test that customizes an improvement plan aimed primarily for women over 40 who are feeling frustrated by mid-life hormone changes. It combines nutrition, lifestyle, and targeted nutrients to help restore hormonal harmony through this baseline hormone testing process


The NOURISH program is also where we all will explore TOGETHER as a group the factors that can impact menopausal symptoms and/or disease expression such as:

  • indoor and outdoor environment

  • community support

  • genetics

  • hormones

  • education

  • occupation

  • nutrition

  • lifestyle factors

  • stress

  • gut health and more

​​MenoWarrior - NOURISH Program  is a virtual LIVE experience is for women over 40 that gives YOU the advantage to do this anywhere in the world! 


Alleviate menopausal symptoms WITHOUT medication with foods that work for YOUR body, not against it!


Let's get started today!

questionnaire and Discovery Call will be completed prior to program start date to discuss your health history and wellness goals.


*Consult with your physician prior to booking to see if this program is right for you.

*Discovery Call must be completed prior to program start date.

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