Wicked Strong is women's wellness program that takes a new approach to nutrition & exercise that won't leave you feeling bloated or exhausted.

How?... because you will be eating specific foods and moving your body to your cycle and the moon phases. No longer will you be forcing an intense workout when you're running on empty or go on another "diet" to lose weight.

This time you will be honoring your body by nourishing and moving with the different phases of your cycle and moon phase. 

Women in perimenopause, menopause and post menopause are encouraged to participate in Wicked Strong as well, since it may reduce menopausal symptoms.

What RESULTS can you experience from the cycle syncing nutrition and working out?

  • Your mood will improve

  • Your energy & vitality will increase

  • You'll build lean muscle tissue and tone up your entire body

  • Lose inches and stubborn weight

  • Decrease menopausal symptoms

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Your appetite and digestion improves

  • Sleep quality increases

  • Reduce hot flashes

  • Reduce brain fog

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Movement Schedule

-Access to the Wicked Strong Facebook Community

-Live Group Health Coaching via Zoom

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