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 Ugi Yoga Flow

Personal Restorative Session

Ugi Yoga Flow 

Ugi Yoga Flow is a blend of Yoga and Ugi. This session uses a 6lb. or 8lb. Ugi ball as a prop, combined with a Yoga Flow asana creating a mind and body experience.


Ugi Yoga Flow can:
Revive the body 

Soothe the mind 

Uplift the spirit


Ugi Flow uses techniques borrowed from Yoga combined with elements of stretch and balance to create an energy-balancing workout.​ You learn to connect to your breath and be in the present moment.


What is Ugi anyway? A Ugi ball is similar to a medicine ball, but different because of its squish factor! You can kneel on it, stand on it, and plank on this ball. The softness makes the surface unstable, so your body has to work extra hard (which means extra great muscle tone!).


RESTORE your Body, Soul & Spirit


Mercy Medical Center
3930 Sunforest Court
Toledo, Ohio 43623
Mercy Medical Center
3841 Navarre Ave
Oregon, Ohio 43616


Ugi Yoga Flow Personal Sessions are individual one to one 30 or 60 minute sessions.


You can bring a friend for a partnering session

or book a Reclaim Party.


Contact me to book a Reclaim party

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