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 Ugi Fit

Personal Restorative Session

Craving some cardio?

Craving a cardio session to sweat it out, but don't have an entire hour? Ugi Fit class is just for you!  


Ugi Fit Session

Ugi Fit is the ultimate 30 or 60 minute Functional Fitness workout that combines strength, cardio and core training into a fun way to be functionally fit. All this fun is done with a 6 or 8lb Ugi ball...your choice!


This 30-minute, total functional fitness program consists of a series of one-minute exercises that are efficient enough to change your body completely.


Functional fitness is when you train your muscles, preparing them for daily tasks by simulating similar movements that may be done at work, home or during sports. Functional fitness is beneficial for all ages, especially as our body ages.


Ugi Fit can:
Improve mobility and daily activities
Increase core strength

Improve cardiovascular health

Build muscle for a stronger you


What is Ugi anyway? A Ugi ball is similar to a medicine ball, but different because of its squish factor! You can kneel on it, stand on it, and plank on this ball. The softness makes the surface unstable, so your body has to work extra hard (which means extra great muscle tone!).


Bring a friend and make it a partnering session!


RESTORE your Body, Soul & Spirit




Mercy Medical Center
3930 Sunforest Court
Toledo, Ohio 43623
Mercy Medical Center
3841 Navarre Ave
Oregon, Ohio 43616

"Sherri's UGI session is fun and such a great workout, and her positive approach is absolutely contagious! She is challenging but at the same time able to help people at all fitness levels in the class. I have been working with Sherri for about 4 months and am feeling stronger, more energetic and more fit than I have in a long time.  - Gail D.

Ugi Fit Personal Sessions are individual one to one 30 or 60 minute sessions.


You can bring a friend for a partnering session

or book a Reclaim Party.


Contact me to book a Reclaim party

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