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Ugi Cardio Strength Class

Ugi Cardio Strength Class  


Craving some cardio & strength training?

Ugi Cardio & Strength Class is just for you!  

Ugi Cardio & Strength class is the ultimate 30-Minute                           workout that combines strength, cardio and core training into a fun way to be functionally fit. All this fun is done with a 6 or 8lb Ugi ball...your choice!


This 30-minute, total functional fitness program consists of a series of one-minute exercises that are efficient enough to change your body completely.


Ugi Fit can:
Improve mobility and daily activities
Increase core strength

Improve cardiovascular health

Build muscle for a stronger you


What is Ugi anyway? A Ugi ball is similar to a weighted wall ball, but different because of its squish factor! You can kneel on it, stand on it, and plank on this ball. The softness makes the surface unstable, so your body has to work extra hard (which means you increase your balance and stability!)

Ugi is for ALL fitness levels and modifications will be shown during class.

Still not sure what a Ugi workout is? Here's a sneak peek!

Ready for a workout that is core, cardio & strength training all in one?


Let's do this!!

Ugi live classes will begin soon! Check back for new class dates!

Option 1

 2 classes per week

One (1) live virtual 30-40 minute class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm via Zoom. 

(1) 30-40 minute class video link will be sent on Wednesdays via private Ugi Fit Facebook group. Wednesday's video link is not a recording of Tuesday's class. Video link is a 1:1 tutorial with Sherri demonstrating the week's class.

Live and video classes will consist of:

 Dynamic Warmups, 30-minute Ugi workout and Cool Down.

You will need a Ugi ball* (see options below), mat, water and yourself!

$72 now-$60 (that's $10 a week!) - 6 weeks live AND video Ugi Cardio & Strength Class

Option 2

1 class per week

(1) 30-40 minute tutorial class link sent on Wednesdays via private Ugi Fit Facebook group


Video classes will consist of:

Dynamic Warmups, 30-minute Ugi workout and Cool Down

This video is not a video recording of Tuesday's class. Video link sent is a 1:1 tutorial with Sherri  demonstrating the week's class.

$54 now-$42 - 6 weeks Video only Ugi Cardio & Strength Class 

Both Options Include:

Private Ugi Fit Facebook group will be where weekly Ugi exercise demonstration videos will be posted. The group is also where our Ugi Fit family talk nutrition, recipes, ask our peers questions, discuss motivation and group accountability.

*Ugi Ball Options

 KickSpark Fitness will have Ugi balls (6lb & 8lb) available to use for anyone in the Toledo, Ohio area. All you need to do is to pay a $50 refundable check. After the 6 week Ugi class is over, you will get your $50 check back with your Ugi ball return.*

* Ugi ball must be returned in the same condition as when delivered prior to class, otherwise $50 check will NOT be refundable. 

Interested buying your own Ugi ball? Check out ball options below.











If you already own a Ugi ball, you are welcome to use it for class!