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My Mission

To Reclaim your life by Rejuvenating, Restoring and Recovering your Body, Soul & Spirit through healing movements.  

Hello! Have we met?

am sure many of you see me post about fitness, recipes and self-care and wonder what is her deal? Yes, I am a Personal Trainer/Movement Specialist and I’m crazy enthusiastic about it, but I blame the GREEN PUMPKIN…Let me explain why.


The Green Pumpkin is a reminder to me of that super difficult time (an entire decade to be exact- aka my 30’s) when my son was just diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
I suppressed all those terrible times for so long, so I didn’t have to feel all those emotions again.

It was one night after Halloween had past and we still had the decorations around the house. We just brought my daughter home who was a preemie, born 6 weeks earlier. She woke up crying about 2:30am and since my son was all messed up on his sleep, he woke up as well. entire family was wide awake and my husband and I were on the couch with the kids. The Green Pumpkin was sitting on the fireplace hearth lit up glowing in the dark and my son picked it up and said “Green Pumpkin!” Yes, a two word sentence! It may not be a big deal to you, but to us where one or no words were spoken, this was a huge deal. We witnessed with our eyes, progress.

Ok, so what does this Green Pumpkin have to do with fitness and me being a total fitness weirdo right? 

This Green Pumpkin is a reminder of the times when I would be awake in the middle of the night researching autism, when I was up all night soft brushing my son to help him fall back asleep because he couldn’t regulate himself, taking him to OT and speech therapy sessions, and the list goes on.


Sleepless nights, worry and stress dragged me down month after month, that I would wind up having to go to the hospital on a monthly basis because I was sick to my stomach vomiting in need of a bag of fluids. (Shout out to the ER nurses who took great care of me and soon knew me on a first name basis). I let my cup run dry and could not function. I ignored what my body was telling me and could no longer function until I got a night of rest in ER. 

I am passionate about fitness and self-care because I know there are parents, relatives and friends out there doing the same thing because of the deep dedication and love for someone else. I know what it feels like. You don’t take care of yourself first and are running on empty exhausted trying to care for your loved one. I try to encourage everyone to take GUILT-FREE time out for yourselves.

Rejuvenate, Relax and Recover

I am not just talking to caregivers of special needs, the sick or elderly. I am also talking to the new parents, old parents, and individuals living with heavy stress too.

I hope it will remind you to take time out of your day to get a walk, workout or a yoga session in. Just take the time! 

Love  Sherri & the Green Pumpkin!

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