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KickSpark Reviews

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KickSpark Reviews

"I have been working with Sherri for almost a year now and she has been great. I travel a lot for work all over the country - and she's my person who holds me accountable to myself and give me the motivation to keep going.

I have finally been meeting my small goals. Goal 1 - I dropped a jean size. Goal 2 - I can kneel on me knees and sit back on my feet. We've had to work around some injuries from my time in the military and anything that pops up like that Sherri is great about finding alternative movements for me.

She's been great about about working with my schedule. I tell everyone about her and recommend her to everyone and anyone. Especially, since with COVID we've adjusted to working out virtually. She's in Ohio and I am in Texas right now :).

Also, she's the most positive person, even when I don't want to do the workout, she coaches me along and encourages me. Which is what I need!!”  -Deidra Blades

"A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. After meeting with a Diabetes counselor and dietician, I knew that my lifestyle would need to change. I contacted Sherri about beginning a weekly personal training session that would educate me on my body and how to properly exercise it. Since that very first meeting, Sherri has developed a program that has made me feel healthier and stronger. Today, Sherri continues to challenge me, and I feel healthier now than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s! Sherri’s knowledge, expertise and multiple certifications makes me feel that I am in the best possible hands. Honestly, Sherri is like a walking website- full of knowledge and suggestions! When you work with Sherri, you gain insight into how your body works because she does such a thorough job of explaining what she is doing with you and why the moves are so important. Sherri’s positive attitude and enthusiasm makes me feel that anything is possible! My sugar levels are stable, I’ve lost inches and have gained muscle. Thanks to Sherri, I feel like I’m living my best me!" - Julie Rusgo

"I’ve been working with Sherri for more than 5 years. Both as a fitness coach but also, more recently, as a health coach. Sherri is a highly-educated motivator of health and wellness. Her passion for helping others be the best version of themselves is what sets her apart from others. She is an expert in fitness and has a wide range of certifications and years of experience in working with people in all stages of their health and wellness journey.

I started working with Sherri when I was pregnant with my daughter. While working together during this time, Sherri sought her certification in prenatal exercise which I found to be extraordinary. She wanted to ensure that I was safe throughout my pregnancy and after.

I honestly can’t say enough positive things about my years of experience with Sherri. She is everything you want in a coach- positive, educated, caring, non-judge mental, proactive, and encouraging. Over the years I’ve had my ‘I hate my body’ moments where I felt totally down in the dumps about my weight or fitness level and she has always redirected me into positive thinking and encouragement. You won’t find anyone as committed and dedicated as Sherri. Small business = better support, no gimmicks, and relationship you can trust." ❤️ 
- Karen Hiller

KickSpark Reviews

"I first started working out with Sherri Of KickSpark Fitness in 2014. I’ve been a client of hers for personal training, various group classes and now virtual group class. She has also been extremely helpful when it comes to nutrition and other health related topics. And now in a less than conducive climate she has switched to virtual platforms to continue providing excellent service. She is a fountain of knowledge and enthusiasm and truly wants to help everyone achieve their goals." - Sarah Matteau

"I invested in the hips and heinies exercises to help with the tightness and soreness in my lower back and hips. It was sore the first few weeks with minimal bruising, but it is so worth the release and relief. It is definitely something you have to do on a consistent basis to have the best results. Sherri is a rockstar!! Thank you so much for all your help and support." - Tamara Peacock

"Sherri has been a crucial component of my determination to have healthier lifestyle. She has designed a workout that addresses my weight loss and strength training goals. She takes the time to get to know you and discover what issues may be holding you back from achieving your goals. She is a very professional and caring person who really enjoys her work and getting to know her clients." -David Beisel

"Sherri's session is fun and such a great workout, and her positive approach is absolutely contagious! She is challenging but at the same time able to help people at all fitness levels. I have been working with Sherri for about 4 months and am feeling stronger, more energetic and more fit than I have in a long time."  - Gail Doxsie

"Thank you for all your help each and every week! You are awesome and bring so much knowledge to the table when needing help/assistance with food, nutrition, and getting your body what it needs. I’m learning what that means for me, as well as getting my body moving, even with a knee injury. You are wonderful! Thank you for working at my level. I’ve tried many exercise program but the beginning class is beyond my level, ugh! You talk with me each week about my body and how I’m feeling. You create a plan using a few bands, weights, and a weighted ball. Thank you Sherri for helping me gain flexibility, balance, and strength. The recipes you gave me to help with meal prep are awesome!" - Judy Amend
"I have been involved in nutrition, weight management and physical fitness for more than 30 years . I have done Jazzercise, Kick Boxing and personal trainers and have enjoyed all of them . BUT I have found Sherri Sherock of KickSpark Fitness to b a fun and an encouraging instructor of Ugi Cardio Fitness. Ugi Cardio Fitness is a total body fitness program in 30 minutes that produces results and is gentle on my soon to b 60 year old body. Plus I love the zoom format that allows me to fit it into my busy schedule.
I have recommend this exercise class to family & friends . Sherri keep up the good work and see you on 8/10 for the next series of online classes."  -Nadine Tasler
"My experience with Kickspark Fitness was fantastic! Very accommodating to my schedule. Sherri is awsome and super motivating. I highly recommend!" -Sara Pescara
"Sherri is an excellent instructor who takes time to clearly review things such as posture, modifications, etc. She helped me increase my activity level and get back into a hobby I've missed with her Pink Gloves class. Her attitude is positive and encouraging. I would definitely take a class again with her in the future."  -Kathy Fech
"When working from home became the new norm, I found myself glued to my desk more than ever—not having an active workout schedule, I needed to start moving. I've been happily working out with Sherri for over a year, 3-x's a week. She makes it enjoyable to train and is very motivating and encouraging. My sessions are virtual as Sherri is in OH, and I've been in CA, TX, to FL! We've done workouts in hotels rooms, parking lots, and even aqua Zumba. Signing up with KickSpark has been one of the best things I have ever done!" - Jolene Hall
"When I reached out to Sherri a few months ago, I was ready to make some changes with my lifestyle. We talked about her programs and perspective on health and fitness. My attitude and mindset have come a long way and I see all the progress I’ve made with the help of Sherri’s positive attitude, compassionate spirit, and encouraging energy. I’m finishing up my 12 weeks of health coaching and personal training and I’m stronger, more flexible, have stamina, and feel better overall. It’s progress, not perfection! Thanks Sherri for everything!" - Stephanie Watkins