Not located in the Toledo, Ohio area or just don't like live fitness classes/the gym environment? No problem! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, this by far is rated as one of the most favorite fitness options availableI This fitness plan can be done right in your own home. No driving through traffic after work, rushing to make that fitness class or waiting for a sitter to come watch the kids.


This is how it works...






After a personal consultation, I will recommend an at-home workout program that will ignite you on your fitness journey. There are many programs to choose from based on your skill level and all include an easy to follow schedule of routines to SPARK the best results! You will tone up your muscles, flatten your tummy and wear outfits that you thought you would never fit into!







Nutrition is a BIG part of sparking the results you want to achieve.  A nutrition plan will be given to you as part of your fitness program, so you can marry the two together and live happily ever after. Seriously, with your body being fueled with the proper nutrition that it needs, you will feel amazing, have tons of energy and look radiant!






The Fitness Accountability group is private and is created on Facebook. The only people that will see your post are other women, mom's, daughters and wives that are also on their fitness journey. There will also be others who've already had success with the program and are there for additional support. The group is all about supporting each other and posivitive motivation that will help emit that spark of inspiration you need daily to get to your goal of feeling beautiful , healthy and fit inside and out!





One of my Accountability Groups beginning next month will be working out to the 21 Day Fix with trainer Autumn Calabrese.  It is a brand new daily 30 minute program for beginners and advanced exercisers which includes Cardio, Weight Training, Yoga and Pilates. There are modifiers to watch as you go at your own pace until you get STRONGER and LEANER!  The exciting part is that along with a meal plan,  the program also comes with specific sized food containers for portion control.  This is a great way to create a healthy lifestyle for just YOU, because as you know, it takes 21 days to create a habit! 

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