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Midlife Movement


Midlife Movement 

Education, Support & Motivation

Don’t know how to get fit and move your body as you enter the peri to post-menopausal world? Yes, it’s a different world as we enter our 40’s, since the flux of hormone changes can cause fatigue, loss of muscle and weight gain. Does this sound familiar?

I invite you to 6-weeks of Midlife Movement, a customized functional fitness program consisting of 1:1 personal training sessions that will help you to maximize your quality of life during peri to postmenopause.


The Midlife Movement program will comprise of: 

(12)- 30-minute virtual personal training sessions

(1)- 50-minute virtual one-on-one check-in regarding your physical wellbeing & nutrition.* ($750 value)

(1) - 50-minute consultation meeting prior to beginning the program to review health history and review goals.* ($500 value)


*Functional nutrition recommendations will be provided based on peri to postmenopausal symptoms you may be experiencing. 

I invite you to 6 weeks of transformation on how you move, think, and feel. You will gain the energy and strength to feel like yourself again.

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