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Hips & Heinies Workshop

Want to learn more about self-myofascial release?

This workshop will benefit individuals who work long hours at a desk, drivers, fitness enthusiasts, aging adults or people just wanting to learn more about how to perform self-myofascial release.

In the Hips & Heinies workshop I will show SMR Self-myofascial Release techniques that you can do on your own to alleviate aches and gain more mobility.


What you will get…

40-minute video course learning about fascia, myofascial release techniques, and mobility drills.

24-page Hips & Heinies User Guide to follow along with the video course and for your home practice.

RAD Roller myofascial release tool.

Purchase online and get access to the course 24/7.

I can’t wait to get rolling with you!!

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