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Functional Nutrition


What is Functional Nutrition Coaching? 

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Functional Nutrition Coaching is when women 40+ want to dive deeper and learn how food meets their own physiology. This is where we begin to look at your health as a tree with roots, terrain and branches.

My position is not to diagnose, prescribe or treat.

Instead, my role is to:

  • understand YOU as a whole person and not by symptoms or diagnosis (branches of the tree)

  • address the terrain (soil - how you nourish your body) within which those signs, symptoms or diagnosis manifested

  • educate YOU on why your health challenges arose (roots - what is causing you not to feel well) and on how to take back control of their own health

  • I use my specific skillset to fill the GAP that exists between YOU and your physician


This is where we will explore TOGETHER the factors that can impact peri to postmenopausal symptoms and/or disease expression:

  • indoor and outdoor environment

  • community support

  • genetics

  • hormones

  • education

  • occupation

  • nutrition

  • movement

  • lifestyle factors

  • stress

  • gut health and more


Functional nutrition coaching entails working with women like YOU exploring the root cause of your peri to postmenopausal symptoms. This individual 1:1 functional nutrition coaching educates how food and movement during your cycle or midlife transition can alleviate symptoms of brain fog, hot flashes, extreme fatigue, sleep disturbances and other symptoms caused by hormone imbalance. By learning HOW your body works, you can give your body WHAT it what it needs to help you feel like yourself again. The more we tend to the terrain (soil), the more those roots might just regenerate and even be cured all on their own with the right nourishment.

Book a complimentary consultation and become empowered by taking back the reins of your health and wellness. 

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