Functional Fitness

Women's biochemistry is way different from men, so why are we told to move like them? 


My goal as a Functional Fitness trainer is to educate how specific movements and exercises help women 40+ increase their strength, balance and stability as they transition through peri to post-menopause. Our bodies know movements rather than muscles. Performing exercises in different speeds and planes of motion, and mimicking the activities of daily living will help our bodies not only stay strong, but also help with hormone imbalances. 

Women age 40+ experience lots of changes (lower bone density, slower metabolism, estrogen levels decrease, etc.), educating YOU on the benefits of maintaining a consistent fitness routine is paramount to increase those levels and keep your lifestyle active.


My approach to training is to meet you at your current fitness level, create a step-by-step plan, and empower you to perform these daily activities functionally through a combination of strength, core, balance and flexibility exercises.   Fun, yet challenging.     


Functional fitness movements can train your body to improve performance for activities of daily living and decrease pain and stiffness.


You and I will train virtually, one-to-one using body weight, resistance bands and light weights creating a custom plan perfect for building confidence as you become a stronger, healthier version of you.



We will take small steps and keep things SIMPLE, so no need to feel like EVERYTHING needs to change all at once.


SMALL steps, BUT MIGHTY impact!

Yes, YOU CAN do this!  I will be your support and guidance you need to achieve these goals that you once thought were unattainable.

​​Functional fitness training sessions are done virtually via Zoom or FaceTime.

First initial consultation meeting is complimentary (worth $50) where we talk about fitness goals and get to know each other better. From there, a tailor made exercise plan will be created for a stronger and healthier YOU!

Book a complimentary consultation to set your

goals in motion!

*Consultation meeting must be completed prior to booking a personal training session.

"I was first introduced to Sherri during her partnership with my organization, TNS. Sherri provided personal and group training for several employees to increase their fitness level and improve their overall well-being. Employees were satisfied with their progress that many continued to work with her on a one-to-one basis after our company changed locations” -Karen Hiller


Myofascial Release

Have pain due to to an injury or scar tissue? Add some myofascial release to your workout or book a separate session.


Corporate Wellness 

Functional fitness and/or Health Coaching services on site allow employers to give employees an opportunity to not only learn about their wellness, but also participate as well.

Studies have shown that participating in physical or mental activities throughout the day provides for more productive AND healthier employees. 

On-site wellness also makes self-care more assesible for employees where participation would be easier due to time saved not having to leave the office.

Whether you prefer a one-to-one fitness training or workout with a group of co-workers, it's a great way to get healthy and fit, yet still have your evenings open for family and personal time.