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In March we planned on having a 5-day meal prepping group to help busy people stay accountable in preparing dinners ahead of time, so dinner was already made when they arrived home.

How great to have healthy meals pre-made by you when walking into your home after work with that annoying, hangry stomach. The group was created, and we were ready to get to it, then all of sudden we were all home bound. Meal prepping was far from everyone’s mind and with good reason.
As we slowly move toward a new normal, I felt that the meal prep group will be turned into a place where we all can share our favorite quick and easy recipes. Our schedules may all look different now, but at the end of the day we all have to eat, and why not make it yummy AND good for you.
Anyone is welcome to join

Cooking with KickSpark HEALTHY recipe Exchange Group,

so if you or any of your friends want to join in click the button below


I will still do the 5-day meal prepping group soon, but in the meantime let the recipes roll, so we all can begin again!   

For the love of cooking, 


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