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Chicken & Red Lentil Soup


(slow cooker recipe)




1 lb. Organic skinless bonesless chicken thighs  


1 Onion, diced


1 cup Carrots, chopped


1 cup Red lentils


32 oz. Vegetable broth, low sodium



3 fresh basil leaves, minced


1 Sprig of fresh thyme, leaves and stem seperated, stem discarded


Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste






Place all vegetables in the bottom of the slow cooker. Top with herbs and lentils.


Place the chicken on top of the vegetable and lentils. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in vegetable broth, cover and set slow cooker to low 5-6 hours.


About 15 minutes before the timer goes off, remove chicken and shred with fork. Put shredded chicken back into slow cooker for the last few monutes of cooking.


Serve hot. Garnish with fresh tyme, basil or pepper.


Makes 4 servings

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