It's time to get serious and RECLAIM yourself! 

RECLAIM your health, confidence, energy, life and freedom!

Spring into action with a 3 week, 3 Phase Ugi Fitness Reclaim for any individual at any fitness level.

The 21 Day RECLAIM consists of ...

A personal consultation and assessment prior to beginning


(6) Ugi Workouts*


(6) post-workout muscle building shakes with Shaker cup


21 day online accountability group 


24/7 e-mail access to trainer/nutrition support


Food guideline booklet/journal


Yoga mat 


Glass water bottle


Complete access to Ugi balls 


This challenge is great to do individually, with a friend or larger group.


*Ugi workouts are held at Mercy Medical Centers at the Sunforest Court &   Oregon facilities.


Here's how it works...



After a personal consultation, you will begin by doing two (2) live Ugi workout classes a week to ignite you on your fitness journey. Remember, Ugi is for all fitness levels. The key thing is to focus on yourself and go at your own pace.  That way you can SPARK the best results! You will build muscle, flatten your tummy and wear outfits that you thought you would never fit into!



Nutrition is a BIG part of sparking the results you want to achieve.  A Eating Guide/Food Journal will be given to you as part of your 21 Day Reclaim, so you can marry the two together and live happily ever after. Seriously, with your body being fueled with the proper nutrition that it needs, you will feel amazing, have tons of energy and look radiant! 


Also don't forget, a delicious nutrient dense muscle building shake will be provided after each Ugi class workout. In your very own Shaker cup, thank you very much!



The 21 Day RECLAIM Accountability group is private and is created on Facebook. The only people that will see your posts are other health fanatics that are also doing the Ugi Reclaim. There will also be others who've already had success with the program and are there for additional support. The group is all about supporting each other and positive motivation that will help emit that spark of inspiration you need daily to get to your goal of feeling beautiful, healthy and fit inside and out!


Remember you also get 24/7 e-mail access to the trainer (me) for extra support and answer any questions you may have on a more private and personal level.



All 21 Day Reclaimers will recieve a KickSpark Fitness water bottle, a yoga mat and a food guidline/journal to keep everybody on track.

Start RECLAIMING your life NOW!  

Just a short note to say how much your hard work and dedication to help people like me is appreciated! The Ugi classes are by far one of the best out there. When these workouts are used with the 21 day Reclaim, results are remarkable! Anything is possible with Sherri's advice, knowledge and encouragement! -Tami D.